Which Car Colours Best Hide Scratches and Small Dents?

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Unfortunately, cars get scratched and dented quite easily. Whether a car parks too closely and clips your door, or gravel flies up from the highway and chips your paint, cars are prone to minor dings. As common as minor damages are, they’re still undesirable for many car owners. If you’re looking to minimize the appearance of these little imperfections, you may be interested in the following tips:

Which Paint Colour Hides Auto Body Damage?

Now, there isn’t one magical shade of paint that will make all signs of damage disappear. However, some paints do a better job than others when it comes to minimizing the appearance of scratches and dents. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist, the following car colours may be for you:

  • White. Due to the bright effect of white paint, it’s one of the best colours you can pick to hide dents and scratches. While it won’t make the damage disappear, a white auto body will make it less obvious. So much so that on a bright day, small scratches and dings could be practically invisible under the sun.
  • Light Grey. With a similar effect to white, light grey cars reflect light and makes minor damages less visible. While you may know the ding is there, chances are it bugs you more than anyone else. In the right light, your friends and family won’t even know it’s there.

Why do these colours help conceal damage? Lighter shades help scratches blend into the paint, making them less noticeable to the naked eye. Therefore, shades with darker undertones such as black, red, blue, and green will show damage more easily. However, while light paint helps disguise marks, the best solution is avoiding damage in the first place. Easier said than done? Absolutely. But here are some tips to carry with you to keep your auto body out of danger zones:

How to Avoid Auto Body Damage

1.     Leave Room in Parking Lots

Most scratches and dents occur in parking lots. While it may be tempting to park as closely to the grocery store entrance as possible, is it worth a ding in your new paint job? No matter how carefully you squeeze in and out of your car door, others aren’t always as considerate. Try parking in a less congested area to avoid unnecessary damage or in end spots to cut your risk in half.

Furthermore, as great as kids are, they’re not always the most aware when it comes to car etiquette. Steer clear of cars with young kids. Not only is this better for your car, but it’s also more considerate to the parents. Every parent appreciates the extra room when trying to wrangle a stroller out the back seat.

2.     Embrace Parallel Parking

This might be your nightmare; however, in a city like Vancouver, parallel parking is an asset. With limited parking spots available, it’s heartbreaking to pass on the prime space out of fear of the parallel reverse. Not only will it give you more parking options, but it’s proactive as well. Since no one can park beside you, it’s a great way to reduce your chances of scratches and dents.

3.     Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

Ideally, your car won’t be parked on the driveway when the hail hits. However, hail is not the only threat when it comes to weather damage. Strong winds can dust up gravel, sand, twigs, broken glass, and all other sorts of debris that can seriously hurt your paint job. If you feel a storm coming, try to park your car indoors.

4.     Don’t Use Your Car as a Table

You may be surprised to hear just how much damage a small object can cause to your auto body. Many people create scratches in their own car’s paint by setting foreign objects on their hood and roof. Avoid placing coffee cups, keys, tools, purses, pretty much anything that isn’t a soft cloth on your vehicle.

5.     Visit the Best Auto Body Shop in Vancouver

To prevent damage to the finish of your car, you can invest in a quality paint job. At Super Euro, we pride ourselves on being the friendliest and most reliable auto body repair shop in Vancouver. Our team of highly skilled and certified technicians can provide quality repairs at competitive prices. For as long as you own your vehicle, you’ll have a lifetime guarantee on your paint job. Reach out today to learn more about our auto body painting services.

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