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Everyone tries to avoid a collision, but sometimes accidents happen.  When they do you want to be ready I know what happens next.  After an accident it is important to file a claim with ICBC.  After you have filed your claim you will want to get a damage estimate.  This estimate will tell you how much it is likely to cost you to repair your vehicle.  Once you get your estimate you have to then take your vehicle to an auto body shop where they will complete the repairs according to the estimate.  Now, this can seem like a bit of a juggling act, and can cause concern that you are not getting the best repairs to your vehicle.  We at Super Euro Auto can help you.

Super Euro Auto is a fully accredited ICBC repair shop.  What this mean is we are fully qualified to give your vehicle a damage estimate and repair your vehicle in house.  We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity.  We will make sure that your claim will cover the extent of all damages and that everything is correct with your estimate.  Being a fully licensed ICBC repair shop makes Super Euro Auto much more convenient for you as you can have your damage estimate and repairs in the same place.  There is the chance that your damage estimate has to be done at a claim centre, but they will let you know if that is the case when you make your claim.  Being an ICBC repair shop we guarantee our repairs for as long as you own your vehicle, which is a claim unaccredited, auto body shops may not be able to make.  Often, though, after an accident you are unable to drive your vehicle anywhere.  This is not a problem.  You can have your vehicle towed to ICBC compound where it can then be towed to Super Euro Auto’s garage at no charge.  Be sure you get an accredited ICBC towing company, you can just ask if they are ICBC-approved.  If they are not then your car will not be towed to an ICBC lot and this will tack on additional fees.  It also means that that service does not have to follow the ICBC requirements on licensing, insurance and storage facilities.

We have been a licensed ICBC repair shop since 1991.  Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable it assessing damage and giving true and fare estimates to ensure your vehicle is repaired to our highest standards.  Let us take the stress away from a collision, bring your vehicle to Super Euro Auto for your damage estimate and repair.

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Tel: 604-520-8222 or Toll Free:1-800-910-4222

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  • Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

    Great quality auto body repair work delivered by a group of professional and friendly auto body technicians. I was referred by a friend of mine to get my bumper repaired there - absolutely amazing!

    Services: Tuning, Car Painting

    - Sandy

  • The auto body shop has been in service in Vancouver since the 1990s. Was in a rear-ender in my Bimmer, the turnaround time was quick. Small-medium auto body repair shop, their customer service & quality are their #1 priority. Highly recommended to others.

    - Brian

  • I got my 2001 Toyota Sienna body work done there. Very friendly people and very well-done car painting work to my van. Highly recommend it, thank you!

    Services: Car Painting

    - Khimsy

  • Very nice body repair shop. Did a couple of work for my Mercedes e350. Was very well done, friendly people. Highly recommend!!! Best Auto Body Shop in Vancouver, BC.

    - Vladimir

  • Great auto body paint job and very friendly service by Ricky and other technicians at Vancouver SuperEuro. My 2011 Toyota Rav looks like a completely new car! Highly recommend.

    - Jules

  • I brought my Lexus SUV in for auto body and windshield repairs. Most other shops in Vancouver seemed to be booking at least three weeks in advance but Super Euro Auto Ltd. arranged to accept my vehicle immediately and issued a suitable courtesy vehicle. My vehicle was ready within a day or so. Fabulous repair work, stellar customer service, and it appears as though my vehicle has been detailed.

    - Kim

  • I am 100% satisfied with their professional and wonderful repair service! My 2007 Honda Civic looks just like a new car after the repair! They completed the job nicely and quickly. Everything is well explained and documented. Ricky is the guy that you should talk to, he helped me deal with ICBC from the beginning to the end. He also gave me a very decent courtesy car while the car was being repaired in their Vancouver shop. Most importantly, they care about their customers! Highly recommended!! Thank you!!

    - Allen

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