Everything You Need To Know About Eco-friendly Paint

Eco-friendly paint

Lots of things these days are a taking a turn toward more environmentally friendly options, from plastic waste to the foods we choose to eat. And the car industry is no exception. While there are efforts to encourage more electric vehicles on the roads with government subsidies and a wider range of options, there is also a push from manufacturers … Read More

Winter Tires in Vancouver will keep you out of the body shop

We’ve all seen the videos of Vancouver drivers who are unprepared for snowy days. They struggle to get up hills or out of parking lots, spinning their tires to no avail. While it can be amusing to watch, the truth is that driving without winter tires is actually very dangerous. It puts everyone in the vicinity in harm’s way when … Read More

The Cost of Repainting a Vehicle after a Collision In Vancouver

If you’ve been in a collision in Vancouver, we sympathize with you! It’s a very stressful situation and hopefully your vehicle took the brunt of the damage. Once the dust has settled after a collision, it’s time start thinking about vehicle repairs. Everyone thinks about fixing dents and damage to the mechanics of a vehicle. Another aspect of returning a … Read More

Evolution of Car Painting


Perhaps no invention has changed the landscape of the planet more than the car. Cities and whole countries have morphed and developed to accommodate the invention, and the car has even changed the very climate on earth. Considering its impact, it’s difficult to believe that the car has only existed for 150 years! The year 1886 is regarded as the … Read More