Dent Removal

Dent Removal Services

At Super Euro Auto our skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience to repair major and minor damage like dent removal to a wide range of foreign and domestic vehicles.  The best way to repair a dent is from the inside out.  Our technicians will remove any body panels, head or taillights and wheel-wells in order to get to the underside of the dent.  This allows our technicians a 360-degree view of the damage so they can make a proper assessment as well as determine the proper tools and tool placement.  This is very important as incorrect tool placement can often cause even more damage to your vehicle. Through years of experience our technicians have developed a keen eye in determining the extent of the damage caused by the dent.  We want your vehicle to look as good as new and leaving our shop without any imperfections.  Dents are not just low spots but high spots as well.  The metal of your car is like water, if you drop something into it, it will create waves.  These “waves” are the high spots found around the dent proper.  This is often referred to as indirect damage or the “crown” of the dent.  This indirect damage is just as important to notice and repair as the direct damage if you want your vehicle looking perfect again.  Our technicians are well trained in the art of dent repair, and by pushing up in the right places and pushing down in others they can mold your car back to its original shape.

Even severe damage is no match for our technicians.  They can extract, work and shape major dents back to their original form.  We achieve a surface that is smooth and matches perfectly.  While we don’t offer paintless dent removal, more often than not traditional dent repair is the better choice.  Sometimes with major dents the metal has stretched so far that affecting the paint is unavoidable.  Also, in most cases, major dents are going to effect the paint of your vehicle.  These dents can leave scratches and chips and after the repair work the paint will need to be touched up.  Even with minor damage, such as a small dent on your fender, is better taken car of using the traditional approach.  When you sand the affected area, even after you’ve fixed the majority of the damage, you can see any low spots that may have been missed.  This insures that your vehicle is leaving our garage in perfect condition.  What we do offer is top of the line colour matching technology that can perfectly match the new paint with your car’s existing colour.  Our technicians at Super euro Auto pride themselves on perfection and having been making cars look new again in the Greater Vancouver Area since 1991.

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