Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Vancouver in 2023

Image of Vancouver intersection on Burrard Street.

If you’re planning to drive in and around Vancouver in the near future, you might want to take a look at a new study by ICBC. The organization recently released data that shows five of the most dangerous intersections in our city. According to ICBC, these locations saw more than twice as many collisions as the average intersection in Metro Vancouver. If you’re driving here very often, it may be a good idea to save these spots to your GPS or Google Maps if possible. It’s a good idea to have them marked so you can avoid them when possible!

Most Dangerous Intersections

It’s no secret that Vancouver has a lot of dangerous intersections. The city is working hard to make them safer, but there are still many drivers who are not paying attention and putting themselves at risk by running red lights or rolling through stop signs. According to a recent study by ICBC, here are the intersections in Vancouver that require a little more focus from drivers…

  1. Main Street & East Hastings Street – 35 Collisions – Check the map
  1. Kingsway & Victoria Drive – 20 Collisions – Check the map
  1. Burrard Street & Davie Street – 17 Collisions – Check the map
  1. Cambie Street & West 41st Avenue – 16 Collisions – Check the map
  1. Main Street & Terminal Avenue – 7 Collisions – Check the map

How to Avoid a Collision

When you’re driving, make sure that you’re focused on what’s happening around you. That means looking ahead, behind, and all around to make sure that nothing unexpected is coming up. It also means being aware of what other drivers are doing — if they’re speeding up or slowing down, if they’re looking at their phones, or if they’re even paying attention to the road. If you see something out of the ordinary, you should evaluate whether it’s safe to proceed through an intersection or if it’s better to wait until the situation clears up.

If you see someone else who seems distracted or not paying attention, call them out! Lastly, if someone’s not following traffic laws, let them know how dangerous their actions could be for themselves and others on the road by honking your horn and flashing your lights.

Of course, accidents happen to the best of us, and sometimes they can’t be prevented. If this happens to you, come on into Super Euro for an auto body tune-up. We’ll leave your car looking good as new.


Now that we have explored the most dangerous intersections in Vancouver, it’s time to use effective strategies to avoid them. It’s on all of us to practice safe driving – for the protection of ourselves and others. By acknowledging the risks associated with these intersections and taking proactive measures, we can significantly enhance our safety on the road.

It is essential to maintain a friendly and responsible approach while driving, employing defensive techniques and staying attentive to our surroundings. Additionally, considering alternative routes or adjusting travel times can help us bypass these high-risk areas during peak traffic hours.

We believe it’s important to raise awareness regarding certain intersections throughout our city. Doing so allows us to advocate for improvements in safety measures, such as implementing clearer signage and enhanced lighting. Ultimately, by staying informed, alert, and engaged in promoting road safety, we can contribute to reducing accidents and creating a more secure driving environment for everyone in Vancouver. Let’s make conscious choices and prioritize safety to ensure a brighter and safer future on the roads of our city.

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