Why Should Use a Ceramic Coat for Your Car

Full Ceramic Coating on the car by Vancouver Auto body shop

The appearance of your vehicle’s paint finish can make a big impression as you drive around a cosmopolitan city like Vancouver. A clean coat of paint, finished to perfection can definitely turn heads. So the question then becomes, how do I make sure my car looks its best? The simple answer is this: Use a ceramic coat on your car’s exterior. Below we’ll explain why a ceramic coat is the best way to keep your car looking great, and your paint finishes intact.


What is a Ceramic Coating?

Similar to a car wax finish, a ceramic coat is a liquid polymer that can be applied by hand to the exterior of a car’s paint finish. That is where the similarities end however, as a ceramic coat lasts much longer and actually makes a chemical bond with the vehicle’s factory paint. This added layer of exterior protection for your paint finish also enhances the appearance of your car’s colour and sheen. It does a much better job of making your car look like new compared to traditional wax coatings. In addition, a ceramic coat can last much longer and doesn’t require regular reapplications.


The ceramic coating does more than protect your car’s paint finish from dirt and water damage that leads to rust. It is completely water-resistant, but it is also chemically resistant as well. That means it can repel acidic contaminants that would otherwise wreak havoc on your paint finish, causing stains and etches. The ceramic coat also makes it much easier to keep the vehicle clean. As we mentioned, it lasts for a long time on your car’s exterior, and it offers a high-level pf protection during that lifespan.


Some Limitations

While a ceramic coat is far superior to other topcoat products for cars such as wax, there are some limitations to what it can do. The enhanced sheen it provides lasts long, and can even add to the value of your car, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep the vehicle clean or never wash it while the ceramic coat is applied. On the contrary, it is just as important to keep your car clean with a ceramic coat than without one. Also, while it does provide enhanced surface protection, the risk of nicks and chips being taken out of your paint by pebbles and other debris is still there.

For the utmost in vehicle protection that can last a long time and add to the value of your car, you should consider having a ceramic coat applied. The experts at Super Euro Auto Body in Vancouver can provide you with a top-quality ceramic coat that will last and keep your car looking its best for an extended period.

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