4 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Car Paint

wrong about car paint

Whether you have a custom paint job on your vehicle or are happy with the factory job, there’s something to be said about a paint job that is in pristine condition. Car paint might seem like a bland topic, but we disagree. There is a lot of interesting history, trends, and facts about car paint. Whether you consider yourself an expert on the topic, or are just interested in all things vehicles, there are some persistent misconceptions out there on the topic of car paint.

Here are four things you might be getting wrong about car paint

Paint is stronger than nature

Ha! Nothing is stronger than nature, especially not measly human-created products. When you combine wind, sun, bird droppings, and tree sap, your car’s paint job doesn’t stand a chance.

Nature, given enough time, will eventually destroy everything in its path. Bird droppings contain uric acid which is strong enough to begin to eat through the paint sealant and begin to dissolve the paint, the sun will begin to weaken the molecular composition of the paint itself. Keeping your car’s paint job in good condition means consistently fending off nature.

It’s easy to do paint touch ups at home

We certainly wouldn’t say at home car paint jobs are easy, at least not for everyone. DIY paint jobs and touch ups are not impossible, but they take time, knowledge, and the right equipment and supplies. Finding the exact colour match can also be tricky, depending on the make, model and age of the original paint job. Proper at home paint repairs might also include sanding, buffing, taping, more sanding, and sealing. We suggest you only attempt this work with the proper knowledge and skills.

You can never over-wash your car

When it comes to keeping a paint job perfect, you actually can overdo it at the car wash. Especially for those who really love their cars, it seems natural to want to wash it almost every day. But car washing can create scratches and shallow abrasions in the paint job, which can damage the integrity of the car’s paint, leading to issues like rust down the road. Instead, aim for every few days to wash your car, or when it’s only noticeably dirty, and don’t forget the wax job every couple of months!

Repairs don’t require paint

This is sometimes true — not all repairs require a paint touch up or total repaint — but some do! Fender benders and more serious road accidents are awful and the repairs can be big undertakings. Dents in the car’s frame often mean that paint repairs are in order as the paint job will be affected, too. Your auto body repair shop will be able to determine this during their assessment. Often, though, they will be able to isolate the paint job to a panel or just the hood rather than the entire vehicle.

Car paint jobs are something we take seriously because it can affect the value of your car, and a proper paint job and repairs can prevent problems like rust from growing and getting worse. We are experts in the field and love seeing our satisfied customers lay their eyes on their car’s new paint job.

If you have any questions about your vehicle’s current paint job, be in touch! Our Vancouver autobody experts would be happy to help.

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