5 Dangers of Delaying Auto Body Dent Repair

Image of dent in auto body

Cars are extremely durable machines that can withstand a variety of circumstances and problems. Although it’s not commonly discussed, a minor dent can actually pose long-term problems to your car’s durability. If you’ve recently been in a minor fender bender, had someone open their door on your car and left a knick, or had a large piece of debris fall on your car and leave a mark, it’s best to get your car checked. Firstly, you want to be sure everything is still in working condition. Secondly, it’s advised that dents are fixed before they pose a larger problem to your vehicle.

Below, we’ll list some of the dangers of leaving a dent too long and the problems they can pose depending on the type of dent.

1. Rust

Depending on the type of dent, this problem can be easier or harder to fix. Rust begins to form when metal is exposed to the elements, specifically water, and is given the time to oxidize. Living in Vancouver, keeping your dented car completely protected from the rain is a difficult – if not impossible – task unless you have your own sheltered parking space. Over time, rust can spread and corrode the surrounding metal until a hole forms. This is how cars fall apart over time. If you want to keep your car in working condition, it’s extremely important to get a dent fixed and painted over as soon as it happens to avoid the development and spread of rust. Our auto body shop in Vancouver has the means to keep rust at bay – giving your vehicle a longer lifetime.

2. Further damage to the car’s paint

 Over time, cracks in the car paint can spread and cause more colour to chip off revealing the sealant that lays beneath. With normal wear and tear, washes, and exposure to the elements, paint and sealant can continue to chip off, leaving more metal exposed to the elements and furthering the potential for rust to grow and spread. Be vigilant and get your dent fixed and repainted by a car painting professional at our auto body shop in Vancouver. The sooner the better to prevent further problems.

3.  Larger problems are more expensive

 The larger the spread of rust or paint chipping, the larger the price tag for getting it fixed. Catch these problems early by heading to our auto body shop in Vancouver. Therefore, you won’t have to spend a premium on servicing in the long-term.

4. Reduced resale value

 The car market is packed right now. The opportunity to sell your car for a larger profit is possible if you put the work in. Of course, the value of a car begins to decrease as soon as it leaves the lot, however you can still maintain much of the resale value if you keep your car clean, dent-free, and the car painting remains in great condition. Regardless of how well a car works, many buyers will implicitly judge a car based on how it looks. Make sure your car is in top resell condition by fixing all dents as soon as you can and repainting any surfaces that need it to get more for your car.

5. Creased dents can ruin the internal structure of a car

 If a large branch or handlebar of a bike scraped across your car, you might be looking at more extensive structural damage that will need more servicing in order to keep your car in top condition. Structural damage can, in time, cause massive problems for your car. Not only on the outside, but on the inside of your car, too. Be proactive and get the problem fixed sooner rather than later. This way, you won’t need further servicing for your car in the long term. The work we do at our auto body shop in Vancouver fixes the external while protecting the internal.

6. Pride of ownership

At the end of the day, a large part of owning a car is taking pride in your ride and feeling good about the vehicle you are driving. For many, a car is an extension of one’s personality. And having a ride you want to show off is important. If you broke your leg, you would get a cast. If you damage your car, the same should hold true. Take care of your car like you take care of yourself and your other belongings and we promise you your car will be able to offer more for you in the long term than it would be able to otherwise.

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