Most Common Auto Body Repairs in the Winter

Image of snowy street in Vancouver

Driving in the winter can be tricky. You need to keep your vehicle running at its best, and that means making sure it doesn’t get damaged by road salt or other hazards. That being said, mistakes happen. As one of the best auto body shops in Vancouver, we’ve seen a lot of repairs over the years. Here are the most common auto body repairs that happen during the winter:

Front-end collision

Front-end collisions are often caused by someone who is not paying attention and rear-ends you. During the winter, these mistakes are more prevalent and can lead to serious injuries or even death. Luckily, this is often not the case. At Super Euro, we see a lot of front-end repairs during the winter months due to icy roads and worsened visibility.

This type of collision is often more expensive to repair than rear-end collisions because it involves repairing things like headlights, grills and bumpers on both sides of your vehicle. That being said, we’ll always keep your budget in mind and give you the best deal.

Rear-end collision

The rear end is the back part of your car. During a rear-end collision, the back of your car gets hit. It’s also one of the most common types of accidents that happen during winter because you’re more likely to be driving slowly when roads are icy or covered in snow. 

Luckily, rear-end collisions are easier to repair than front-end collisions and often take less time.

Sideswipe damage

Sideswipe damage is a common winter accident. It happens when one vehicle hits another vehicle from the side, which can result in damage to your car and/or another’s vehicle. Usually, the damage consists of surface dents, scratches, or paint damage. These are all easily fixable at Super Euro.

Parking lot fender bender

In the winter, you can expect that your car will experience some damage. Snow banks, icy roads, and poor visibility can all impact your ability to drive. However, the most common type of car body repair is the parking lot fender bender. This comes about when someone backs into you in a parking lot. Or when another car hits yours while it’s parked at a stop light. When this happens, there are several parts of your vehicle that might be damaged and need to be repaired before you can drive safely again:

  • Your bumper will sustain cosmetic damage (dents and scratches) when hit by another vehicle. Super Euro should be able to remove such dents while keeping them out of sight with paintless dent repair techniques like PDR (paintless dent removal).
  • Your fender can also get damaged in these situations, especially if it has been hit hard enough to bend the metal outward beyond its intended contour. Once again PDR comes into play here—typically used by auto body shops after painting has occurred on other areas of your vehicle so there aren’t any visible scuffs left behind by traditional sanding methods.

At Super Euro, we can repair and replace your fender so it looks like new. 

Windshield Replacement

Branches, rocks, and pebbles can spray up from the road and crack your windshield, reducing your visibility. It’s important to get this fixed as soon as possible to maintain proper visibility and not let your windshield crack worsen by “spidering”. You’ll either need to repair the glass crack panel or replace the entire windshield. That being said, repairs are highly unlikely with glass. You will most likely need to repair the full glass panel. 


Winter accidents can be scary and expensive. At Super Euro, we’re her for you. No matter what kind of collision you’ve experienced, the best way to get a repair done quickly and affordably is at Super Euro. We offer free estimates on all our services and provide free pickup and delivery within 15 kilometers of our facility. If you want quality work done in record time, we’re here for you!

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