5 Tips For Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop

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No matter what, eventually your car will require some type of repairs or maintenance during its lifespan. This means you will need to find a reliable auto body shop in Vancouver to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. Below we have prepared 5 helpful tips so you can choose the right auto body shop for your needs.

Five Helpful Tips For Finding A Good Auto Body Repair Shop

1. Multiple Estimates

It is often best to get multiple estimates for any big purchase or investment, especially your car repairs. Different factors affect how much a shop will charge, so you should compare prices and consider what level of service you’ll receive based on what you’re going to end up paying. Some shops have to charge more for similar services because of their overhead costs.

2. Word of Mouth Recommendations

With so many drivers on the road, you are bound to find someone with a recommendation for an auto body shop or even an individual mechanic. These personal recommendations can be very influential in your decision. You may even hear a negative story about someone’s recent experience, and they may recommend avoiding a certain shop too. Find someone whose opinion you trust and ask them how they feel about a recent experience with a certain shop.

3. Mechanic’s Certification Levels

The more qualified a mechanic, the higher their hourly rates may be. This shouldn’t deter you from considering a shop, however. Sometimes you can actually save time, money and stress in the long run if you select a highly skilled mechanic to perform your repairs. Not only will they provide higher quality service, they are often more proactive about preventative maintenance, meaning you may likely encounter fewer issues with your car over its lifespan.

4. Location, Location, Location

Some repair shops that are found downtown in Vancouver may charge more compared to a shop on the outskirts of the city. This is because it can cost more to operate a business downtown since property taxes and delivery fees will be higher at a downtown location. In addition, it is good to find a shop located relatively close to where you live. This can make it much easier and less expensive to get your car to the shop in case of a breakdown.

5. Gut Feeling

Sometimes the best way to tell if a certain auto body shop is going to be a good fit is by the feeling you get when you interact with the staff. You may also notice the shop itself is dirty and unorganized, which may give you an internal idea of what to expect if you bring your car in for repairs. If a shop meets all or some of the criteria listed above, and you feel good about the staff and the premises, it is often a good sign you’ve found the right place.

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