Different Types of Car Paint

Choose the right car paint for you vehicle in Vancouver

When it comes to either fixing an existing paint job or adding a new paint finish to your car, there are plenty of car paint options to consider. Many people have probably seen some impressive looking car paint finishes while driving or walking around Vancouver. For the most part, car manufacturers provide drivers with standard solid paint finishes, but there are plenty more car paint options out there for those looking to add some personality to their vehicle. From Matte finishes to Metallic and Pearlescent finishes, there is a wide range of amazing car paint possibilities for drivers to choose from. With the right finish and the right car paint service, you can help your vehicle stand out in a positive way like some other unique cars driving on Vancouver roads these days. To help you make the car paint choice that is right for your preferences, take a look at the description for each finish listed below.

4 Types of Car Paint

1. Solid Paint Finish

The most common and basic type of car paint finish is the simple and sleek looking solid finish. When purchasing a new vehicle, you will likely be presented with a few standard colour options that come in a solid finish. For the most part, a dealer or manufacturer won’t charge any additional cost on the vehicle if you select a solid finish. This is because they are cheap to produce and straightforward to install. A solid car paint finish consists of three standard layers known as the primer, the paint, and the lacquer finish to protect the paint and give the car that reflective gleam. If a solid paint finish becomes damaged by a scratch or a small nick caused by a pebble, repairs can be pretty simple. In fact, there are a number of DIY kits for repairing solid paint finishes, so if you have the time and the talent, you don’t always have to have solid paint finishes fixed at an auto body shop.


2. Metallic Paint Finish

For something a little more reflective and noticeable on the road, you might want to consider a metallic car paint. Not only does a metallic finish offer a bit more flash and shine, but you will also be able to choose from a greater selection of colours compared to a standard solid finish. Metallic paints contain a small amount of aluminum powder which is mixed directly into the paint to give it that added shine. Even in dull lighting a metallic paint finish will easily reflect the light, which adds to the sleek and lustrous look of the entire vehicle. While the metallic finish easily picks up reflective light, it is also more prone to showing off dirt buildup as well. These vehicle owners will have to clean the painted surfaces of their car more often, and in the event of a scratch or other damage, repairs will be more extensive as well. Due to the skill, it requires to repair metallic car paint properly, you will be better off letting a professional at a quality Vancouver auto body shop handle the job for you.


3. Matte Paint Finish

When it comes to matte car paint, you should be aware of the high level of maintenance required with this type of finish. A matte finish car paint can look really cool, but it requires a lot of cleaning and attention to detail when it comes to repairs. Typically, matte finishes are limited to just a few colour shades such as black or silver. Even though the matte finish contains protective layers which are similar to the solid an metallic paints listed above, any stain or dirt needs to be cleaned as soon as possible before it compromises the finish. Bird droppings, in particular, can wreak havoc on a matte finish due to the acid content in the droppings which eats away at the epoxy coat.


4. Pearlescent Paint Finish

            Finally, for a car paint that stands out more than any other, drivers may want to consider a pearlescent finish car paint. Some manufacturers or dealers will offer a pearlescent finish for an additional cost upon purchase, but these are often limited in colour selection. A quality auto body shop will be able to offer a fully customized pearlescent finish which will both reflect and refract light, giving the paint colour even more depth. With proper care, a pearlescent finish can remain intact and looking great for years, and can even add value to the car upon resale.

Does Urethane Paint Need Clear Coat

Urethane paint, commonly used for car finishes, generally benefits from a clear coat. This additional layer not only enhances the paint’s appearance but also provides protection against UV rays and environmental factors. Some urethane paints come with an integrated clear coat, simplifying the application process.

What Is Premium Paint on Cars

Premium car paint refers to high-quality finishes that offer exceptional durability, color retention, and a luxurious appearance. These finishes often involve multiple layers of paint and clear coat, resulting in a deep and lustrous shine. Premium paint options may also include custom effects like metallic or pearlescent finishes, allowing for greater personalization.

Car Paint That Changes Color When Wet

Color-shifting or chameleon paint is chosen by some car enthusiasts. This special paint contains pigments that create a changing color effect based on viewing angles and lighting conditions. While it doesn’t alter when wet, it provides a unique and striking appearance that makes the car seem different in various lighting situations. Color-shifting paint is more commonly used for custom or show cars due to its complexity and cost.

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