The Cost of Repainting a Vehicle after a Collision In Vancouver

If youve been in a collision in Vancouver, we sympathize with you! Its a very stressful situation and hopefully, your vehicle took the brunt of the damage. Once the dust has settled after a collision, its time to start thinking about vehicle repairs.

Everyone thinks about fixing dents and damage to the mechanics of a vehicle. Another aspect of returning a car to pre-collision condition is the paint job. This is usually the final step in restoration and an important one to consider.

A good paint job can affect a vehicles resale value, and the quality of the job will vary from shop to shop. People often wonder how a paint job is priced out, so here are the things that affect the cost of repainting a car.


3 Things That Affect The Cost of Repainting Car

1. Surface area

What gets painted will depend on the vehicles age and where the damage occurred. Some jobs will require simply painting a panel, while others will mean painting the entire vehicle. The surface area will determine how much product is used and how long it will take to paint.

If its a newer vehicle with a paint job thats in great condition and a collision that damaged the bumper for example, the repainting job could be small and fast. But if the car is older and the paint has begun to fade, the whole thing might need a new coat of paint so that the vehicles paint job is uniform throughout.


2. Prep

One of the most time-consuming parts of repainting a vehicle is the prep work needed before the paint job begins. Some shops do a more thorough job than others. And it will depend on how much damage they are dealing with, ranging from scratches to major repairs.

Paint job prep can include repairing dents, dings or scrapes. And then it could mean removing trim and sanding the vehicle. It might also include taping or masking parts to prevent overspray, including windows, mirrors, trim, headlights, tail lights, door handles, antennas, and tires.

All of this pre-painting work is time consuming and labour intensive, it it will affect the overall cost of the job.


3. Paint Quality

There is a wide variety of vehicle paints on the market that determine the cost of a paint job. And it can get even more complicated if a vehicle has a custom colour or one that is no longer commonly used. There is even a difference in cost between white versus red paint, with red being the more expensive of the two.

In addition, there are also primer and top coats to consider. And those come in different qualities as well. Most shops will have a range to choose from, but just remember that the quality of the product will affect how long the paint job stays pristine and doesnt succumb to oxidization or fading.

If youve been in a collision in Vancouver and are in the process of vehicle repair, dont forget about the paint job! Check with your insurance policy and then find a place that is committed to quality.

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