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Why DIY Auto Body Repairs Can be a Mistake

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DIY culture has exploded in terms of popularity in recent years, largely thanks to the vast number of online tutorials and how-to videos featured on websites like YouTube. While there is plenty of merits that goes along with being able to complete a task yourself, there are some jobs you should still leave up to the professionals to complete. Auto body repairs are one of the tasks that are better left to the professionals. There are a number of reasons why this is true, so let’s take a look at some of the major ones.

The Right Tools

Dents, scratches, cracks to the bumper and faded paint are all auto body repairs that should be left to the professionals. This is mostly because the average person doesn’t own the proper tools to make sure the repairs are sufficiently completed. Even paint repair kits that get pretty expensive at some auto shops and hardware stores can’t compare to the professional grade items. There are a lot of steps in the auto body repair process, most of which cannot be accounted for or completed using store-bought tools and repair kits. Matching paint colours these days requires the accuracy of specialized computer software, and even the sealing and polishing process can be fouled up if you don’t have the right tools or experience.

Unseen Damage

Thorough auto body repairs require an experienced eye to ensure they are fully completed. While a dent on your car’s body may seem pretty obvious, the stress and damage placed on other parts of the car may not be completely apparent. In some cases, you won’t be able to see the whole issue until you get a complete 360-degree look at the car. Without accounting for this additional damage, you could end up driving a vehicle that is unsafe to be on the road. That is why you should really only rely on a professional to provide you with a full assessment of the damage.

Costs More Time and Money

Without the necessary equipment and experience, you’ll likely end up spending a lot more time fixing your car than if you sent it to an auto body repair professional. While most people who want to take the DIY approach are willing to take the time to get the job done right, you may find that you’ve drastically underestimated the amount of time you need to get your car repaired. And after all of that work, it is likely that you will have made the problem worse in the long term, not better. If this happens, you’ll probably end up taking the vehicle to an auto body repair shop anyway, which will cost you more money and additional time without a car, which is a major setback in anyone’s daily life.

The best option when it comes to getting complete, safe and quality auto body repairs is to bring it to your Vancouver auto body repair experts at Super Euro Auto. We have all the necessary equipment, tools and talent to ensure your car gets repaired so it looks and runs like new. For more information, contact us directly, or visit our shop conveniently located in Vancouver.

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